About me:

My deep faith in power of mind and resources of human brain have led me to become a speech therapist to provide much-needed support for the patients with speech disorders affected by stroke such as aphasia and patients with laryngeal extrusion. Comprehensive rehabilitation system included variety of exercises, elements of psychotherapy and hypnosis.
The next step was to organize a Rehabilitation Center provided psychological and speech therapy assessments and help on individual and group basis.
The development of this pathway have led me to the discovery of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) that provides balanced approach to healthy functioning, expanding to many areas of individual life in search of solutions for various health and life problems.


I had a wonderful experience with regression hypnosis led by Irene. A year ago I contacted her to undergo a session purely out of curiosity, possibly to find zen and see this past life thing for myself. I can’t say I was a sceptic but I certainly wasn’t hugely into any of these ideas. I had a very vague knowledge of regression and a lot of curiosity. So we booked a session.

Pre hypnosis interview gave me some answers about my stress levels, which was great and I felt a lot more relaxed about the hypnosis as Irene was clearly a seasoned professional and knew what she was doing.

Because I didn’t have any major issues in my life I gave Irene a very eclectic list of questions some about health, some about my children some about day to day life and feeling occasionally drained. Soon I was tucked into bed and the countdown began, about a minute in I felt extremely relaxed, my own thoughts were switched off and were no longer hammering me. I could hear everything and if I wanted to I could end the session. I could answer questions.

From one minute to the next I started seeing images in my head. Irene led me into my subconscious and it was showing me the answers. Some from my life now and some from my past. I could see and smell things, I could describe and explain them to Irene and she could ask me more questions so I could see more of the situation and understand they whys and the how’s for myself.

Irene is absolutely phenomenal at guiding the questions, a few times I had a difficulty explaining the feeling and she somehow worked around it and led me out of my mind’s dead ends.

This hypnosis felt like an undisturbed conversation with my subconscious mind. I learnt many things about myself, I realised that I don’t give myself a chance to relax, I found out why. I learnt why I get severe migraines. I was told what to do to fix this. Funnily enough my to do list was very short, all i needed was a quiet room and some time with myself away from my busy life.

It was easy to follow this and over the last year I didn’t have any migraines I feel that my life is fuller and I’m more relaxed. I’m enjoying things more. It’s strange to say this but I feel more whole and more balanced.

I feel that now after a year I’m starting to want to do another session, not for any issue I have but just for myself because the first one was so great for my mind.


What impressed me most about my past life is that I was always a follower, following rules , following orders, somehow feeling obliged to execute the desires of another individual. It has been the same throughout my actual life.
After the session I became aware of this pattern which had to change if I were to regain my true nature. The key point was to listen to my own desires and needs. The session made me realize the importance of my own development. It helped me get in touch with my deep self and see the path I needed to follow. I knew I had a big potential but wasn’t able to express it.
Why? I realized that every time I would give time for myself I would feel guilty… subconsciously I always trapped in the belief that my time had to be dedicated only to the others… meaning: I never belonged to myself… now I do…

We are here on this earth for a reason, we all have a mission the most important one being to realize how much potential we have in us and develop it in order to fulfill our specific reason of existence.


Due to some issues I had, a friend suggested that I should see you for hypnosis.
Being an open minded person, I decided to visit you and after I had two sessions, I think it’s a good idea to give you my positive and negative feedback.

Starting with the positive
During the first session although I didn’t feel going into deep hypnosis, I felt more energetic, could see and understand why some things were happening to my life. Listening to that first session a few times, it was very helpful to move forward to the second one.

During the second one, I went to a much deeper level of hypnosis where I could find answers and solutions. The results:

  • Next day I met an old friend that I haven’t seen for 37 years. One I used to like (but wouldn’t express my feelings at that time, because of my fear to speak up although, I think the feelings at that time were mutual). So now I feel that a circle from my teenage years is completed.
  • The day after, I met two other friends that are both living “lonely” lives. Even though we are just friends, we made arrangements to start going out together (going back to being more sociable-something that was missing),
  • Today (after practicing the technic of talking without fear), I discussed with my boss the salary issues and I got a positive response.

It’s obvious that nice things started happening in my life right after session two.

About negative things and recommendations; NOTHING